Breast Cancer
  October is fast approaching and signals Canada’s national breast cancer awareness month. Naturopathic medicine can support conventional medicine in treating breast cancer but of course prevention is key.   There are many factors to preventing breast cancer. Reducing our exposure to estrogenic chemicals known as xenoestrogens is definitely important. These chemicals are found in everyday materials such as BPA containing plastics, parabens in makeup and lotions, and pesticides. These chemicals are notorious for activating....Read More
  We are in the thick of the cold and flu season and so we should take precautions to avoid the latest onslaught of bacteria and viruses trying to attack our immune system.   The first tip I would offer people is to cook and eat easy to digest foods such as soups and stews. Our gut is one of the first areas we can fortify in avoiding pathogens. Therefore, we do not want to....Read More